The Royal Tuition Plan

The Royal Tuition Plan is an educational term assurance policy which ensures that children remain in school even after the parent or guardian is permanently incapacitated as a result of accident, illness or death.  The policy is for a minimum term of one year.


  • No medical examination where the sum assured is less than N3,000,000
  • Benefit may be paid to a nominated beneficiary, guardian, administrator or directly to the educational institution via annuity
  • All academic levels covered


    The Royal Tuition Plan has ten levels of cover as noted below.  The school or policyholder chooses the level of cover required.

  • N200,000   
  • N300,000
  • N400,000
  • N500,000
  • N700,000
  • N1.0 million
  • N1.5 million
  • N2.0 million
  • N2.5 million
  • N3.0 million

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