The Royal Family Support Plan

This is a term assurance plan that provides the needed financial support to your dependents in the event of death. It also pays benefits during critical illness or personal accident. 
The details of the benefits are:

For death:

    a. A lump sum.
    b. Another lump sum as burial expenses.
    c. A quarterly installment of a lump sum
        for two years, thereby providing 
        steady income for the family.
    d. Guaranteed  children's school fees.

For critical illness:

    a. A lump sum to assist in meeting the
        costs of treating the disease.
    b. A quarterly installment for two years
        to compensate for loss of income as a
        result of the critical illness.

In case of an accident, an amount is paid as medical expenses to the policy holder. 
The term is one year but renewable annually.
Premium can be paid on-line or through our scratch card platform.

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