Royal Group Life Assurance

Previously arranged by employers on the lives of employees purely on moral obligation.

Now made compulsory by virtue of Section 9(3) of the Pension Reform Act 2004

Cover Provided

An annually renewable term assurance that provides for the payment of a predetermined sum on the death of any member of the scheme who is still in service within the policy year.

The pre-determined sum is now a minimum of three times the employee's annual total emolument.

Requirement for Placement

  • List of names of employees with dates of birth or age next birthday of each proposed member of the scheme. 
  • Proposed sum assured (minimum of three times the employees annual total emoluments in line with Section 9(3) of Pension Reform Act 2004
  • Payment of the appropriate premium
Initial Documentation
  • Completion and return of the Proposal and Declaration Form by the employer (your organization).
  • Preparation of Policy Document.
Underwriting Requirement
  • Submission of medical tests by affected members on request.
Renewal Procedure
  • Renewal Advice (minimum of one month to renewal /anniversary date) by us.
  • Submission of renewal list as in 3 above by your organization
  • Preparation of Costing Schedule and Premium Statement by us. 
  • Payment of the appropriate premium by your organization
  • Claim Procedure at Death
  • Receipt of Notification from your organization
Claim Supporting Documents
  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.
  • Death Certificate 
  • Police Report in case of death by Road Traffic Accident.
  • Coroner's Inquest in case of death by suicide or other uncertain circumstances.  
Claim Payment Period
  • Within two (2) weeks of full documentation

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