New Year Message

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Executive Management of Royal Exchange Plc, it gives me great pleasure and joy to wish us all a Happy New Year, while thanking God for sparing our lives and the organization throughout the year just passed.

My prayer is that 2019 will be a fruitful and rewarding year individually and collectively, Amen.

On a lighter note, for all of us who have added extra kilograms due to too much rice/chicken and pounded yam, please note that HR has been mandated to organize a fitness programe this month to knock us into shape for the task ahead.

As we resume back to work, it is important that we remain focused and committed in charting a new course for this great company. The era of Change has come to Royal Exchange and we all must strive for excellence in all our activities this year 2019, no more business as usual, as in the past.

In my mail of December 19, 2018 to all staff, I said that WE CAN, WE WILL & WE MUST get back to doing things well, being the leader we want to be, by all working towards one goal – the growth and success of Royal Exchange Plc. The goals and aspirations of the organization, Royal Exchange Plc, supersede all else.   This year, we would be reviewing three main aspects of our operations

  • Reviewing our business acceptance and ensuring we take only profitable risks and not toxic businesses that affect our bottom-line.
  • Overhaul our marketing vehicles to ensure efficiency and productivity.
  • Engage the market through regular interaction with key clientele.

We expect that going forward, Managers and HODs should be ready to take responsibility for actions and directives given. If you give an instruction to your subordinates, then stand by your actions, otherwise you are not worthy of being called a manager .

The road ahead is replete with promising outcomes for the company, shareholders and staff alike and I enjoin us all to take our destiny in our hands.

The path to our rebirth is ahead of us. Let us forge ahead to break all barriers and reinstate our company in the ‘primus’ position. I enjoin you to keep the faith and step forward to be counted.

Thank you all.

Wale Banmore
Ag. Group Managing Director
Royal Exchange Plc

January 7, 2019