HealthCare providers

Our providers are carefully selected emphasizing qualifications of hospital personnel and functioning equipment amongst other criteria. We review the status of facilities on a yearly basis.

We thus classify our service points into Primary care, Secondary care and Tertiary care. Primary care is the fulcrum and relates with the other points through referrals.

Subscribers have the right to change primary providers in writing and with motive.

All drugs and other consumables utilized by providers must be NAFDAC approved.

Membership of the network of providers is an ongoing process.


There are Hospitals, which render outpatient services and day procedures and serve as intermediaries between patients and other health care providers e.g. lab, x-ray, specialist, secondary and tertiary providers but Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited (REHL) pay these providers separately.

These Hospitals are remunerated on a capitation and a fee for service basis. Capitation is a fixed amount paid per person per month and prepaid to the provider. This is for consultation, non-chargeable items plus necessary administrative costs of services rendered.

The primary provider will refer the enrollee to the lab, pharmacy, x-ray, a specialist or to the secondary provider depending on diagnosis.


There are hospitals with the under listed requirements:-

•  A laboratory capable of performing routine

•  Specialists either on full time or part time basis

•  X-ray if present an additional benefit

•  A functioning theatre with all necessary ancillary
   services e.g. recovery room, changing room
   monitor etc.

•  An ambulance service to provide transportation in
   cases of non-ambulant patient when need arises

The secondary provider will not render hospitalization without a referral from a primary provider and pre-authorization from Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited (REHL) except in an emergency where the patient is admitted first and Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited (REHL) is notified within 24 hours of hospitalization.