Health Management Services

Our primary function is to design and market Medical Health Plans that are flexible and accommodating to a wide range of clients. These plans act as the fulcrum between subscribers and healthcare providers that are selected purely on the quality of their practices to render healthcare services.

Financial Intermediation

We perform financial intermediation in the medical industry as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Our services are tailored to individuals and corporate organizations in both the public and private sectors.
Risk Management/Managed Care Services

Royal Exchange Healthcare utilizes the principle of insurance (risk pooling) and managed care in controlling and hedging risks associated with the business. In performing our functions, the risk bearing responsibility and its attendant management is the differentiating factor for us in the industry.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

The company provides ambulance services for emergency medical evacuation.

Travel Health Insurance

International Medical Cover in partnership with Oraclemed South Africa, we provide medical cover for both local and expatriate. We also provide travel health insurance. (Contact person Ginika Njoku 08054199010,08023136573) 

Hospital/Clinic Management Services

Royal Exchange Healthcare has also developed competencies in the management of hospitals, campus clinics, and other health facilities

Consultancy Services

We also provide a wide array of consultancy services to both individuals and corporate organizations in several areas of healthcare delivery.